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    Wayne Fox is a business re-ignitor, industry disruptor, commercial property developer, futurist, best selling author, & investor.  Director of The Enyaw Group, a UK based investment firm with a focus toward investing in 'freedom lifestyle' ventures.

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    Isn't it time we created a better world?

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The journey so far

Wayne started his career as an electrician working in the family contracting business.  Over a 13 year period he learnt the techniques of how to dominate an industry, taking the business from a small business employing 2 staff, growing it to have contracts & staff across Scotland.

In 2009 he joined a renewable energy start-up employing 3 staff, & using the same techniques, within two years grew that business to be the largest biomass energy company in the UK.

He's since worked with lots of businesses, across multiple industries, doing the same.

A passion for real estate

Throughout his career, Wayne has been involved in various real estate development projects.

From renovating historic manor houses & listed buildings, to building, renovating & fitting out hotels, offices, care homes & luxury houses.

Wayne is now focused on developing a five star off-grid spa resort & private village concept, in frontier markets around the world.

The mission

Wayne believes the only way to solve the worlds problems, poverty, starvation, slavery, crime, health, is to create new alternative, freedom based systems.

Wayne's mission is to provide people with access to opportunity, and access to capital.  His focus is on developing frontier markets.  This is how we create a better world for the generations that follow.

Wayne Fox Rally

A motorsport sideshow

Since the age of 10, Wayne has been involved in Motorsport.  Starting out by marshalling on the British rally championship with one of the rally officials.  Later moving into motorsports photography, & in 2003 officially starting his own rally driving career.

As well as running his own small team, he's also been involved with helping other semi professional motorsport teams in the sport.  He believes by achieving his own childhood dream, he can inspire others to chase their own dreams too

The success enablers

Wayne has pinpointed the 6 core skills, that have led to the biggest success in every business he's been involved with:

  • New product creation & alternative business models
  • Ability to see the future
  • Concept development & creation
  • Business reignition & turnaround
  • Property development
  • M&A strategy
Wayne Fox Rally

You're being played

In this theatre production we call life, everyone is brainwashed to live & act a certain way, conform to societies norms, & never speak your mind.  For those who don't follow this route, they're considered by society, by their family & their peer group, as failures, weirdo's or outcasts.

I'm here to show you, it's all bullshit.

Our foundation

Most of the worlds problems can be solved by providing access to capital, and access to opportunity.  Our profits are reinvested into the local communities to improve healthcare, education, housing, food, energy, waste, & water facilities.

Our intention is to transform the lives of the next generation.

Featured videos

Case study:  Project Biomass

Market cycles:  What's the best strategy?

The Product Ecosystem Strategy

Trusted by:

Who I work with

There's a few connecting dots between all the businesses, Wayne has had the most success with

  • Trading more than 3 years
  • Employing at least 3 staff
  • A proven product offering with happy customers


  • Tourism
  • Wellness
  • Real estate services
  • Media production
  • Financial services
  • Marketing, PR, & communications

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What others are saying about Wayne

'Utterly gorgeous bloke'

Sheila, 32, Doncaster UK

'Wish my husband had his sense of humour'

Rebecca, 44, Halifax UK

'Straight talking guy, No bullshit'

Jon, 48, Manchester UK

'Brings a positive attitude to every conversation'

Francesca, 34, York UK