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The right mind set

When I get involved with a business, I have one question on my mind.  How can I take what this business does & enhance it?  How can I make it become the ONLY business, customers want to buy from.  This is what I call the 'Dominant mind set'.

Become a dominant outlier

By adopting the Dominant mind set,  your business can naturally attract new clients, willing to pay a premium.  Dominant brands also attract the best staff & partners. 

An exciting journey

We can do all sorts of things in this process together, from creating new product offerings, new business models, buying or merging with other businesses, these mini-adventures are just part of our journey to becoming dominant.  This is our journey to the promised land.

Partners together

I'm not interested in selling you a coaching package.  If that's what you want, there's plenty of coaches or consultants that can do that for you.

I want to use my REAL LIFE experience of scaling many businesses, across multiple industries, to help a handful of small businesses become Dominant in their market.

These are businesses that I can use for our own projects.

Some of what you get

  • We'll identify your natural role in the business
  • We'll identify suitable team members to help you become 'less busy'
  • We'll identify your key strategy for success & build a plan around it
  • You'll have access to my contacts
  • Benefit from my 30 years experience across multiple industries
  • Direct access to every new partnership, opportunities, businesses, joint ventures & products I create in the future
  • Access my network of over 18,000 professional & investor connections

Here's some more

  • We'll be partners, you'll have my direct contact when you need me
  • We'll create new products, services, & ventures together
  • We'll sell those new offerings to your EXISTING customers
  • We'll look at new markets & sectors to expand into
  • We'll use mergers & acquisitions as an additional strategy to grow
  • You'll have access to all my content, books, videos, courses & accelerator program
  • We'll build a strong foundation in the business, strengthening the balance sheet, improving profits, improving cash flow, & building your team
  • We'll attend an annual business strategy retreat in an exclusive location

What to expect

  • I don't work in your business.  I'm not an employee.  I'm a guide.  I'm a mentor.  I'm a future vision creator
  • I'll guide you, but you'll oversee the implementation of our plans
  • I work exclusively with only ONE of each type of business
  • Supportive but honest
  • A 'we'll find a way', never give up attitude
  • I can't stand pretentiousness or bullshitters


You must meet the following criteria:
  • Established business with at least 3 staff employed
  • Have a tourism / wellness / luxury travel focus or customer base
  • Be open minded to how we'll grow the business
  • Committed to taking the necessary action
  • Make the necessary investment into your business
  • More than £500,000 in revenue
  • You must not cry or become jealous of my good looks
Suitable business types
  • Real estate design (architects, interiors etc)
  • MEP engineering consultants
  • Construction project managers
  • Quantity surveyors
  • Property surveyors
  • Construction services (> £3m revenue)
  • Marketing, PR, & communications
  • Media production
  • Hotel management / Hotel consultants
  • Travel management
  • Hotel resort (rural, less than 100 keys)
  • Wellness
  • IFA's & Wealth management

If you’re serious, maybe we can work together?

Your investment

This is not a coaching or support contract.  This is a business partnership where you get access to my skills & experience as a bi-product of us working together.

If we're working together, I don't get involved unless I'm confident I can commit sufficient time to it, & really make an impact on the business.  Due to my other commitments, I can only offer this opportunity to a maximum of three businesses.  

I reject 99.7% of those who apply, if it doesn't align with my own life plan or business interests, it just won't happen

  • I work on a combination of equity  +  small monthly retainer  +  expenses
  • We can negotiate this on a case by case basis

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Past examples

To be considered for a place, join the waiting list now

Join the waiting list

We will never spam you, or share your details with anyone

Frequently asked questions

Why do you take equity + monthly retainer + expenses?

This is the format I use because this creates a mental buy-in from the business owner.  Without one of these elements, it's very easy for the business owner to not implement our plans for the business.  An equity stake in the business is worthless to me unless I can sell it in the future.  This means I'm motivated to drive the business to a scale that's attractive to a buyer.  The monthly retainer whilst small, keeps the business owner focused on doing what we agree, it's an active investment.  Expenses are a tax deductible expense for the business.  If I need to travel to your office every month & stay in hotels, this expense should be paid for by the business.

I don't want to sell my business in the future?

That's okay, if I wish to sell the equity stake, we can arrange a fair price, based on the market valuation of the business at the time.  You can purchase my shares & spread the purchase price over a 2-3 year term if required. 

I can't afford a monthly retainer, can we do something else?

You get paid well for your expertise right?  So do I, so why would I dedicate my time to drive your business if I'm working for free?  Can we get serious now?  Do you want it, or don't you?  It's your choice to make, I've got plenty of my own projects to push forward.  If however, you want to be part of my projects, while also growing your own business & personal wealth, you know what needs to happen

How much is the equity stake you require?

This is all dependent on the business, and where it is in its lifecycle.  For example, a distressed business would take at least six months of my full time focus to turn the business around, & it's current market value in a distressed state would be very low, so the equity stake would need to be higher, than if the business were a profitable established business, employing 100 staff.  I'm not hung up on equity percentages, the equity is worthless to me unless I can sell it anyway.  I don't get hung-up on percentage points.  It has to be meaty enough, to keep my attention.  A 3% equity stake does not excite me.  Typically the equity stake is a minority shareholder position.

How much is the monthly retainer?

Again, this is dependent on the business.  I will never insist on taking a monthly retainer if the business can't afford it.  The monthly retainer should always be inline, with what the business can afford.  Equally, getting involved in your business carries a significant time commitment, which has to be weighed up against other opportunities.  There's an opportunity cost to consider.  For every hour that I drive your business, that means it's one less hour I'm driving my own life plans.  This should be compensated fairly.  Again, I'm open to negotiation & offers, based on the above.

Will you make an investment into my business?

Initially, my investment will be a time investment.  With most small businesses, it's unviable to make a financial investment without first being heavily involved in the business.  The risks are just too high.  We will use strategies that will improve the financial status of the business, and the objective will be, to make the business reach an 'investable state'.  Aside from this, if we're partners you'll get access to my other projects, such as licence brands, real estate developments etc, offering your business even more value.

How much time will you dedicate to my business every month?

With the average business, assuming there's no major problems to fix, the time dedicated to the business will be determined by the growth plans.  The initial stage of working together, is to take the business through our foundation program.  This means building that foundation, ready to grow the business.  This can generally take up to 12 months, depending on what needs to be done to fix any weak areas.  By going through this process, it also lets us identify potential areas to focus on improving, & the most viable next step to grow the business.  After the foundation phase, we create a vision for the business based on what you want to achieve in your personal life.  We implement a number of strategies, and these are reviewed and actioned on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.  Each year, we'll meet eight times, either in person, or virtually to undergo monthly reviews & plan the actions for the next month.  Once every year, assuming the business is profitable & completed the foundation phase, we'll attend a remote retreat, where we'll spend the time to plan strategies for the following 12 months.  Additional time invested will strengthen specific areas of the business, and then start to implement growth strategies, whether that be identifying & negotiating a suitable acquisition for the business, finding suitable management staff, or creating new product offerings.  We'll look to add around one new product offering every year.  This means that the time dedicated each month will vary.  The objective isn't about spending time in the process, but rather being focused on achieving the end result in the easiest, fastest way.

I want to spend more time away from the business with my family, is this possible?

Yes, the objective is for you as the business owner, just to oversee the business at a high level.  The plan with every business is to input a full management team to run the business day-to-day, which means you can spend as much time as you wish to, in the business, or with your family.  Obviously if you don't currently have a management team, this will take time to implement.  This is one of the major focus areas for growing the business.  If the business is reliant on you, it will not grow.