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Let's work together

There are two models for us working together.  This is a joint venture to grow your business. 

We'll invest up to £250,000 in each venture.  We identify strategies to grow your business either internally (profit enhancement), or externally (customer flow).

Model 1 - Customer flow
We create a joint venture business with you, where we create new offerings.  These new offerings will normally be something that you don't currently provide.  These offerings are then sold to your existing customer base.  
We focus on your existing customers first, because selling through a trusted relationship is much easier & profitable than seeking new customers.
What's your investment?
Our model is primarily joint venture based.  This means we create the avenue to growth, while you connect it to your customer.  We both WIN when the end result is delivered.

For this to happen, we invest up to £250,000 in upfront development, to birth the concept. 

We share this upfront development cost with you.
Our upfront costs = £50,000
Your investment = 49% stake in JV =  £24,500
In this example, your investment into the JV would be £24,500.  We have a number of options, to assist you in making the investment, such as staged payments, equity swap etc.
Model 2 - Profit enhancement
Our profit enhancement model is mainly aimed towards those businesses that have good potential to grow your profitability.  An example of this can be a distressed business with low profit margins and high levels of debt.

As part of our business re-ignitor process, we fix and reposition the business, increasing profit earnings through the process.
What's your investment? 
Using this model, we're paid an 'equity stake' + 'expenses'.  Our intention is to either use the business for the 'Model 1- Customer flow' JV project, OR, sell on our equity stake.  We can sell our equity stake back to you, if required.

My ideal partners?

  • You're an established business trading more than three years
  • You employ more than five full time staff
  • You have customer case studies or examples that showcase your past experience with customers
  • You & your business are the expert at what you do
  • Your business has more than £ 500,000 annual revenue
  • You have all the necessary insurances, documentation, qualifications & accreditations 
  • You have a good sense of humour & optimistic outlook for life
  • You share my 'Sustainable Community' vision, & intend to lift people up
  • You share a 'we'll find a way' attitude

Also welcome to apply:
  • An interest in venturing into new markets, perhaps overseas or cross-border markets
  • Based in an early stage, frontier or developing country


  • Wellness related
  • Hotel resorts & hospitality
  • Luxury travel
  • Events
  • Hotel management & consultancy
  • Real estate design & consultancy
  • Construction services (> £ 3m revenue)
  • Energy services
  • Land management
  • Media, Marketing, PR & Branding
  • Financial services, IFA's, & Wealth management

Who is it not for?

  • You don't want to grow
  • You're closed minded, always finding reasons why 'it won't work'
  • You're an ego driven moron, who can't see the bigger picture
  • You have a negative mindset
  • You're jealous of my good looks
  • You're a stalker with pictures of me on your bedroom wall

Past examples

Application process

Based on my other commitments I can work with a maximum of four companies - I prefer to focus on one venture at a time.  I'm interested in working with people that match my own values and who I can work with long term.

There isn't an official application process, but if you're interested send me a short message about your business & we'll take it from there.

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We will never spam you, or share your details with anyone

Frequently asked questions

Is it risky for my business?
As a co-investor in every venture, we aim to reduce risk as much as possible.  This is one reason we focus on creating new offerings that your existing customers want to buy.  Demand is also measured at the development phase of the project, to further reduce potential risk.  As the venture is created within a new limited liability company, this also protects your existing business.

Why Joint Ventures?
We have many reasons behind using this model, all based on the experience gained by doing it over many decades, across multiple businesses and industries.  Working inside your business is messy.  For us to invest in your business, we must do extensive due diligence, with a very high probability that your business either fails the due diligence, or is just not ready for investment.  We know this based on working with over 3,000 investee businesses previously.  Your business probably doesn't want to grow on a global scale.  With our model, we design the venture to be scalable beyond you.  It's not reliant on you showing up for work every day.  It's branded under it's own licensable product brand, and in many cases can operate as a standalone business.  This means after it's successful, we can licence it across other geographies & jurisdictions.  Every time we licence it, you earn a share of any ongoing royalties.  It's also an ideal model to attract external investors, or sell if required in the future.