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Cross industry experience

Gain an alternative perspective from someone who's experienced many sectors

Discretion guaranteed

I provide a discrete sounding board, to hear your ideas, issues & concerns, and help you reach a solution

Sense checking

Someone to question your management team's assumptions and decisions

Professionalizing your operation

By bringing in experienced people from externally, you'll learn alternative strategies to reach your destination

Gain investor favour

If you're raising investment for your business, professional investors always look for experienced advisors to join the board & help keep the business on track

Board matrix bias

The Dream Board

The ideal board should have at least one director, covering each of the four areas of the business matrix:





The Ideal Non Exec Board Advisor

BIG Picture Thinker

The ability to see a clear BIG vision for the business, based on the trends occurring in the industry

Governance Knowledge

Having an awareness of the responsibilities of the business, from a commercial, financial & legal perspective

Business Ambassador

Be an ambassador to the business, promoting & telling the world, about the latest & greatest results

Wayne Fox

Location:  UK 


Built environment;  Hospitality;  Software;  Financial services;  Media


Government contracts;  Mergers & Acquisitions;  Strategy;  Product creation;  Business models;  Business turnaround;  Equity investment;  Organic growth;  Real estate development

Grown multiple businesses to high 7 & 8 figure revenue.  Multi industry experience

Board matrix bias  (see above):
Strategy;  Growth  (Chairperson position)
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Our Support Packages

Virtual X

8 Board meetings  (virtual)

12 month contract

No recruitment fee

Clear pricing

No hidden fees

No P.A.Y.E

No ongoing commitment

£ 1,498 / month

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Virtual X Plus

8 Board meetings  (virtual)

1 full day (virtual)

Recorded video call

Access to secure document drive

12 month contract

No recruitment fee

Clear pricing

No hidden fees

No P.A.Y.E

No ongoing commitment

£ 1,938 / month

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Live X Plan

8 Board meetings  (on-site)

4 full days (on-site)

All expenses included

12 month contract

No recruitment fee

Clear pricing

No hidden fees

No P.A.Y.E

No ongoing commitment

£ 7,563 / month

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Download our Milestone Planner

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Are there any additional costs to pay?

No, each support package includes everything for that product level.  If you decide you want additional support, outside of the package scope chosen, this can be arranged by separate negotiation at the time.

2.  Do I need insurance?

You are required to indemnify the Non Exec Board Advisor against any liability or claim.  As an advisor, this doesn't carry the same potential liability, as a traditional Non Exec Director.

3.  What's covered under each support package?

The Virtual X Plan, includes 8x board meetings, which shall be attended virtually via zoom or an equivalent platform.  During this meeting, we will cover various topics including the current strategies for the business, business performance, any issues experienced, governance, & we'll also agree actions ready for the next meeting.  Virtual X Plus, includes one full day, delivered virtually via zoom, or equivalent, where we will work on a specific area of the business according to it's requirements.  For example, formulating the strategy for the next 12 months.

4.  Can I create a custom support package?

Yes, we can accommodate your requirements.  Please join the waiting list & we'll contact you when a slot becomes available.  We will create the level of support you need.  

5.  What's the difference between a Non Exec Advisor, & a Non Exec Director?

A Non Exec Advisor, performs the same duties as a Non Exec Director, however doesn't hold the same personal liability.  Due to the current state of the economy, & the inability to control each businesses day-to-day operations, we feel the traditional Non Exec Director model carries too much risk.

6.  Why do we need a Non Exec Advisor?

Working with an experienced Non Exec Advisor provides your business with a fresh pair of ideas, from someone that's already walked the path & probably knows a short cut to reach your destination.  There are also intangible benefits that come with engaging a Non Exec Advisor too, such as enhanced status & recognition or access to a larger network of connections.

7.  Is a Non Exec Advisor an employee of my business?

No, in a typical small or medium business, the Non Exec Advisor works more like a consultant, than an employee

8.  Will you be a named director or shareholder of my business?

No, a Non Exec Advisor is engaged to question the decisions & assumptions of your management team.  They act on behalf of the shareholders.  Whilst they sit on your board, they do not have any legal connection, control, ownership or responsibility for the company.  You don't need to change your company articles, or notify your regulator or bank about the engagement.